Fernando Negrete and Negrete Construction

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Dallas Fort-Worth Area


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Business Phone: (469) 434-4598

Fernando Negrete and Negrete Construction have been caught numerous times stealing goods from customers and contractors. He was hired on numerous jobs and many items - a generator, compressors, nail guns, ladders, and a few other items.

Unfortunately police are unwilling to do anything due to how low the amount is. Fernando appears to do some work honestly, but the work that I saw personally was absolutely terrible. He has been fired from numerous jobs, but somehow keeps finding new opportunities to steal.

Avoid hiring Negrete Construction or Fernando Negrete to do work for you. It will require you to watch him and his team like a hawk to ensure they don't steal anything, and even if you get away with them not stealing anything their work is absolutely terrible. I feel awful for the people that live in houses he has attempted to frame.