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Dallas Fort-Worth Area


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2626 Cole Avenue STE. #300 Dallas, Texas 75204

Business Phone: (214) 292-6681 and (469) 279-5234


In August 2022, the woman signed a contract with a contractor to complete several jobs for her, prepaying him $55,000. By November, the contractor was in breach of the contract, having failed to complete the work as promised. Among the unfinished projects was a fence, which was not only incomplete but also poorly constructed. In fact, the fence has already fallen three times in three different sections, raising concerns about potential criminal negligence.

Despite her attempts to seek assistance from the Hunt County District Attorney's office, the Better Business Bureau, and the police department, the woman has been advised that her only recourse is to sue the contractor. She is sharing her story on to raise awareness and help prevent others from experiencing similar losses, as she cannot afford to lose the substantial amount of money she has invested in the contractor's services.


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